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Abu SimbelSphinxPainted relief, Second Hypostyle Hall, AbydosEgyptian Museum, CairoAswan DamTemple of Hatshepsut, ThebesRiver Nile, Cairo
Outer Hypostyle Hall, DendaraHieroglyphs, Passage of Victory, EdfuColossi of Memnon, ThebesGiza PyramidsValley of the Kings, ThebesFeluccas on the River Nile at AswanLuxor Temple
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The civilisation of ancient Egypt is longest lived on Earth and dates back over 5,000 years. The Pyramids at Giza are over 4,500 years old and were considered ancient in Tutenkhamum's time. The Pharaoh's used many natural factors to develop their civilisation and systematic conception of their fate after death. Indeed many of the tourist sights in Egypt were built to aid the ancient Egyptian's transition into after life.

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