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Motor Bikes outside a Cafe, Phnom PenhAngkor WatTuol Sleng, Phnom PenhEnigmatic Faces, Bayon Temple, AngkorTuol Sleng, Phnom PenhPhnom Bakheng, AngkorSisowath Quay, Phnom Penh
Ta Prohm Temple, AngkorAntique Bridge at Kampong Kdei, Siem Reap ProvinceTonal Sup RiverRoyal Palace, Phnom PenhEnigmatic Faces, South Gate, AngkorThe Killing FieldsBaphuon Temple, Angkor
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Siem Reap

The years of suffering and war are over and Cambodia is fast becomming one of South-East Asia's hidden gems. The country may be one of the poorest in the world, but it holds one of its most astonishing civilisations in Angkor, with its hugh temple complexes and culture.

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